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For many of us, the routine of work, sleep, paying the bills and maybe going out with friends on a weekend fails to satisfy. Even the holidays we save up for and plan with such care eventually come to an end.

So we may ask, “What is all this for?”

Is there a purpose beyond, or even within, the repetitive routine of daily living?

Jesus said, “I have come that you might have life – life in all its fullness.”


Christians believe God sent Jesus into the world to show us how to live. Through his death on the cross, Jesus rescued us from a life of emptiness and disappointment. On the third day after his death Jesus was seen alive and well and Christians believe that we can meet with him today.

Jesus said, “If you believe in me you will never die.”


From the very beginning Jesus established a small group where he could teach people. Not only with his words, but by letting them see how he lived his life. His friends did the same thing. In every town where they went they set up a similar group to help and encourage each other. These “churches” were places where people could experience God’s presence and help and encourage one another.

Jesus said, “Where two or three come together in my name I am there with them.”

… what next?

Grace Vineyard Church meets locally each week. We would love to welcome you to one of our events where you can meet with Jesus. We also run short courses for anyone who wants to come and ask questions about Christianity and find out what following Jesus means for their life.

What's on this week

Thu Oct 27 @ 8:00PM - 10:00PM
Revival Connect Group
Sun Oct 30 @ 9:45AM - 10:15AM
Prayer Meeting (Sunday Morning)
Sun Oct 30 @10:30AM - 12:30PM
Sunday Morning Service
Sun Oct 30 @10:30AM - 12:15PM
Light Party (Kids Ministry)
Tue Nov 01 @ 7:30PM -
Alpha @ Grace Vineyard

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